Virtual museum

The authors have developed a three-dimensional reconstruction of the fortress of the XVIII century Tambov. Tambov was founded in 1636 at the confluence of the Students and Tsna rivers as a military fortress on the southern borders of the Moscow State.
Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the fortress, Figures 2 - 5 shows its individual elements.
Fig. 1. Perspective view of the fortress model of the XVII century Tambov
OpenSimulator [6] is used as a platform for creation of a three-dimensional virtual reality. OpenSimulator is an international project, which aims on creation of an open technologic platform for building of three-dimensional virtual worlds similar to Second Life. OpenSimulator has developed an innovative direction - a three-dimensional Web. OpenSimulator has an open source code (BSD license) and is distributed free of charge.
Thus, the technology for creation of three-dimensional virtual world has enabled the authors to perform historical reconstruction of the fortress of the XVII century Tambov.
Fig. 2. View of the church model
Fig. 3. Part of the interior decoration of the church
The research is funded by Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation as a part of the project for creation of an information systems "Virtual museum of  urban development history of the central part of Tambov", project № 15-01-12012.
Fig. 4. Visualization of the central part of the fortress
Fig. 5. Visualization of the south-eastern part of the fortress