Trading house of M.L.Shorshorov

Torgovui dom kupsta 1 oi gildii Horhorova2

At the corner of Dolgaia and Gymnazicheskaia Streets at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, there was one of the biggest houses for that time in Tambov. It was the trading house of the merchant of the first guild M.L. Shorshorov.

The rooms on the second floor were occupied by the merchant himself and his family. However, most of the floor was occupied by the "European" hotel. It was rented by P.M.Mikhailov, and the first floor was occupied by a very large store of Shorshorov. The house itself is not related to the considered area, but because of its owner, in the early years of the last century the whole area in front of the house was landscaped at the expense of the merchant and turned into a park, which then was called the Shorshorovskii Park. Today this wonderful green corner of the city had already had 4th generation of greenery. Elder residents of the city say that every new reconstruction of the park has always been perceived painfully by the citizen, however, as time has shown, the park only gets better with the time. Since the 50-s the park has officially been called as the Park named after the Hero of the Soviet Union V.S. Petrov. Its southern side faces the Lenin Square.

There are many legends connected with the life of the merchant M.L. Shorshorov, his entrepreneurship, professionalism, and activities of the city. There are even more interesting legends associated with the biography and deeds of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union general V.S. Petrov, whose bust is located in the park. Many of these legends have connections with reality, but that's a topic for another big story.