About the project

The project is funded by the Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation grant №15-01-12012

The use of modern information technologies makes it possible to solve the problem of preservation and reconstruction of lost or modified monuments of historical and cultural heritage, as well as to help attracting attention to the monuments of historical and cultural values, and to form their modern image. They can be used not only to capture the current state of historical objects for future generations, but also to present various stages of their development to the descendants.

 The purpose of this project to create a three-dimensional virtual museum of urban development history of the central part of Tambov at various stages of its history, showing main historical stages of urban development with the use of the open source software platform OpenSimulator 0.8.2 for the following periods:

- modern period;

- beginning of the 80s of the 20th century;

- mid-20th century;

- late 19th - early 20th centuries;

- mid-18th century;

- mid-17th century.