Hotel and restaurant "Tsna"

Gostinitsa Tsna

On the other side of the Karl Marx street the forefront of a former hotel and restaurant faces Lenin Square. According to some sources it was called "Tsna" at that time. It belonged to the original homeowner Mikhailov, whose two-story brick house was next to the hotel on the Dolgaia Street. It was built by Mikhailov in 1906. It remained without much rearrangement for over a hundred years and its appearance combines architectural elements of late eclecticism and early modernism. Beautiful corner bay window with a semicircular balcony with a gazebo connects two front walls, which form a sharp angle from the yard side. The main entrance to the building is located under the bay window. Both sides of the facade have balconies with laced railings.

Shortly after the opening of the hotel Mihailov sold restaurant to spouses Nikolskii. According to other sources, they also bought a hotel. In those years it was one of the best hotels in Tambov. Until 1917 S.V. Rachmaninov stayed there, when inspecting the music school, it is likely that F.I. Chaliapin also stayed there during his third visit to our city with concerts.