Cinema "Rodina" Kinomax

Cinema "Rodina" Kinomax

kinoteatr Rodina

Few Tambov citizens know that at the beginning of the ХХ century the pace of current location of their favorite cinema "Rodina" was occupied by the manor of one of the wealthiest citizens, N.D. Matveev. A two-storey building adjoined to its western part with three windows on each floor. A commercial society "Trehgornoie partnership" was located in the main house. The society had a small shop on the ground floor, and it sold sports and electrical goods.

In 1908 Matveev began to construct a three-storey building to be used as an apartment house. And this house was the most impressive and spectacular in the area. The ground floor was occupied by the stores and the upper floor was rented by the United Bank. After the revolution the building became a Tambov branch of Proletkult  for some time. In the late 20s of the last century, the building burned down in the fire. At the end of the 30s the construction of the largest cinema theater in the Tambov region began. The end of its construction happened during the Great Patriotic War.

   The exterior of the building represented different architectural styles. Cinema auditoriums were named by the color of the walls - "Steel" and "Blue." Despite of the war, the cinema "Rodina" was opened in December 1941. Initially, it showed documentary film about the battles and victories of soviet army near Moscow. Veterans recall that in the days of the Great Victory there was a film "At six o'clock in the evening after the war."

In 1954, the cinema theater was closed for major repairs, and opened only in early 1956. Renovated "Steel" hall became "Green", and the third hall appeared – a "Small" hall. It was located on the top of the lobby. The best modern films of those years were demonstrated to the citizen. Many people remember the huge queue for the tickets to the movies "Fantomas", "Dead Man's Letters" and others. But with time and equipment, and the halls fairly outdated as, indeed, the very tradition of going to the movies.

After the last renovation made a few years ago, the city obtained a renovated, refurbished cinema theater. And, most importantly, a good tradition of watching movies at the cinema have returned.